[Sticky] La OMS busca App developers voluntarios [ENG]  


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27/03/2020 10:09 am  

The World Health Organization is calling on mobile app developers. Let's help them contain the spread of Coronavirus

The World Health Organization needs mobile app developers to work on an app to help contain and mitigate the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). They're looking for volunteers who can help develop the app to assist individuals around the world, and to rapidly iterate the app to newer versions to better respond to the pandemic.

The WHO wants the app to:

  • Be targeted towards non-health professionals
  • Be developed for iOS and Android
  • Be developed across the six WHO languages (English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic and Russian)
  • Deliver WHO-approved information and advice to the public
  • Offer WHO-approved guidance to individuals about how they should respond to symptoms

The key goals for the project are to contain and mitigate the spread of the virus, diagnose and triage cases and provide a feedback system for users. The organization wants the app live ASAP, but also wants it to adhere WHO web standards of privacy, security and accessibility.

We want our global community of mobile app developers to be at the forefront of this effort. To get involved, you can read the WHO onboarding documents here, and join the GitHub community here.

Let's get onboard and make a difference to save lives and stop the spread of Coronavirus.